Mount Guyot & Mineral Hill

December 19, 2009

An easy 13er ascent and bonus peak, my final climb of the year


Kevin near treeline on Mount Guyot's northwest ridge. We cached our snowshoes shortly past this point.

Bald Mountain

Bald Mountain as seen from the southwest ridge of Mount Guyot.


The summit of Mount Guyot is a bit spooky because its not clear where terra firma ends and the cornice begins. Notice the "wave" that has formed where the east ridge begins.

Summit ridge

Kevin hiking along the southwest ridge on the way down.

Mount Guyot's southeast face

As we were descending the southwest ridge Mount Guyot's steep southeast face was a beautiful sight to behold!

Snowy talus descent

There is plenty of loose, annoying talus on this route.

View from Mineral Hill

View toward Breckenridge from the summit of Mineral Hill.

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