Huron Peak

February 5-6, 2010

A long, exhausting trek for a new winter 14er

Winfield after Sunset

Dominic and I backpacked to Winfield Friday evening, arriving just after sunset. Ken, Kirk, and Teresa, choosing to do the nearly 24 mile round trip in a single day, would meet us there the following morning!

Trench construction

Ken leads the crew during the initial round of trench construction. Its hard work.

Clear Creek drainage

Looking back down into the Clear Creek drainage from Huron Peak's western slopes. Mount Blaurock (left) and Ervin Peak (right) can be seen in the background.

Huron Peak at last

After much labor the summit of Huron Peak finally revealed itself. Despite the unfavorable weather forecast conditions were actually quite pleasant for a February morning.

Huron's NE ridge

Ken in the familiar basin northwest of Huron Peak. We kept left here and aimed more or less for the low point of Huron's northeast ridge. Snowshoes were needed all the way.


Kirk takes a turn breaking trail in the high basin northwest of Huron Peak.

Nearing the NE ridge

Dominic nearing Huron's northeast ridge.

High basin

Looking down at Ken and Kirk in the high basin northwest of Huron Peak. "Sheep Rock Mountain", "West Virginia", Virgina Peak and Winfield Peak (left to right) can be seen in the background.

Closer view of the summit

Huron Peak as seen from just below its northeast ridge.

Browns Peak

Ken and Kirk ascend snowy talus as Browns Peak looms overhead.

Glimpse of Huron's east face

Glimpse of Huron Peak's interesting east face from the northeast ridge.

Final push

Kirk leads the way for the final 500 foot push up the northeast ridge to the summit.

Point 13,518

Dominic starts up the northeast ridge from the saddle with Point 13,518.

Battling the banshees

The wind picked up as we neared the summit; it had a bit of a bite but was less than ferocious by February standards.

A lovely slope

Ken picking his way up the lovely snowed up talus slope on Huron's north side.

Summit at last

Ken topping out on the summit. Its been a long haul!

Quick descent

Teresa and Kirk make quick work down powdery snow below Huron Peak's northeast ridge.

Goodbye Browns Peak

Browns Peak as seen during the descent. Dominic and I sped back to camp, packed up, and joined the rest for the long march out from Winfield.

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